About PMML

Founded by Patrice Ménard and Sanaa Benzakour in 2008, PMML (initially known as Patrice Ménard Multi-Logements) has taken an important place in the Quebec investment market. 

Obsessed with creating value for investors and keeping high standards, PMML launched, in 2011, their first Multi-Family Annual Report which literally became an authority in the field. PMML begins its 1st growth phase in 2016 by developing a team of brokers. In 2017, the company expanded its service offering and positioned itself as a leader in multifamily mortgage brokerage and opened up the Quebec city market. The PMML.TV channel then emerged and quickly became a vector of information and inspiration with informative video content for investors of all levels.

Currently 500 buildings under brokerage contract across the province of Quebec. These statistics make us the largest Quebec company in commercial real estate brokerage.

For 2020, PMML is starting a commercial and industrial brokerage division. By using its marketing expertise, the use of its database, as well as articial intelligence, PMML will undoubtedly become the largest agency in this niche within the next few years.

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