Launch of PMML Index

Following the success of its market reports dedicated to multiple investment assets, PMML is now launching its brand new platform entitled PMML Index. Dedicated to investors from around the world as well as Quebec residents, the PMML Index is destined to become one of the main market indicators for commercial real estate in Quebec.

Recognized as a great vector of information for all real estate investors, whatever the sector, today PMML reaffirms its position as the commercial real estate leader in Quebec. The company is growing in this sense by deciding to give investors access to its powerful database which has grown immensely over the past few years.

Thanks to the PMML Index, you can easily follow the market and act in an enlightened manner. You will be able to follow the market in all its velocity with your new direct access to the transactional volumes of investments in all types of real estate assets, such as multi-residential, industrial, retail, land and much more. You will also be able to measure the evolution of the real estate market in your sector with the right metrics, for example by cost per unit (CPL) or by square feet.

Since PMML wants to share this data with you quickly and efficiently, you will be able to receive monthly real estate updates directly on your cell phone.

Here is an overview of the platform with its various features to watch out for, in order to propel your career as a real estate investor.

For any question related to a sector or a market segment, do not hesitate to contact your team, PMML.


Patrice Ménard
President and owner of PMML