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Get a neutral, objective second opinion from a PMML advisor to make informed strategic decisions



We offer appraisal and advisory services, to optimize and provide unbiased opinions on the value of your real estate assets. Whether conducting a strategic portfolio analysis, assessing optimization potential, or estimating current asset values, our team of advisors is dedicated to providing tailored support.

In the dynamic landscape of the real estate market, our advisors adapt strategies to ensure your investments are perfectly optimized. Thanks to the largest real estate database in Quebec, our advisors have access to reliable data and insights into market trends. We deliver timely advice to help you stay ahead of changes in the real estate market.

Strategic analysis of real estate portfolios

Assessment of asset optimization potential

Evaluation of the current and potential value of your construction projects and real estate redevelopment

Real estate Appraisal for multi-family, commercial, or industrial properties

Appraisal of vacant land

Appraisal of land ready for construction

Estimation of value for insurance, mortgage financing, or market value


At PMML, our advisors are dedicated to optimizing the value of your real estate investments. Utilizing continuous monitoring of both public and private real estate markets, paired with in-depth analysis of comparable sales, our team assists you in strategic planning, portfolio optimization, and well-informed decision making.

Strategic Analysis of Real Estate Portfolios

Analyzing your real estate portfolios to maximize their potential

Identifying value creation opportunities through our expertise

Making strategic decisions to enhance the potential of your real estate portfolio

Financing and Debt Strategy for the Growth or Stabilization of Your Capital

Developing a debt strategy for the short, medium, and long term, taking your goals and current debt structures into account.

Aligning debt and investment decisions to promote long term capital growth or stability.

Implementing strategies to mitigate leverage risk and ensure the viability of your long-term real estate portfolio growth plan.

Valuation of the Current and Potential Value of your Real Estate Projects

Assessing the current and potential value of your real estate projects

Analyzing market indicators to estimate value and risks

Maximizing your resources and returns by making informed decisions


Appraisal for Insurance Purposes

Estimation of the reconstruction and replacement cost of a building for insurance purposes.

Analyzing all factors that may influence the value of the reconstruction and replacement cost of the structure.

Providing an informed opinion on the reconstruction and replacement cost for insurance purposes.

Appraisal for Mortgage Financing

Appraisal of market value for mortgage financing

Analyzing all factors that may influence the current market value of the property

Providing an informed opinion on the current market value for mortgage financing purposes

Market Value Appraisal

Represents the estimated price at which a property could be negotiated between a buyer and a seller.

Reflects the fair value, taking into account economical, physical, and environmental factors under normal market conditions.


Working with a certified PMML appraiser offers significant advantages for private investors and real estate companies. Endowed with specialized expertise in commercial real estate, our appraisers uphold the highest industry standards, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of methods, professional norms, and legal requirements. Adhering to rigorous standards, they guarantee the integrity and quality of assessments. Legally recognized by authorities and financial institutions, their credibility is crucial in critical transactions. With access to the largest real estate database in Quebec, they provide accurate and up-to-date assessments, minimizing the risks of inaccuracies. Their understanding of legal implications ensures rigorous compliance. Stakeholders, including lenders and investors, trust their assessments, facilitating transactions. By reducing risks, their expertise minimizes errors and disputes.


The valuation and advisory team provides proactive strategies to unlock value and increase returns on your real estate portfolio. The comprehensive understanding of the Quebec market and the insights into regional perspectives will enable you to achieve your growth or income objectives.

Our advisors have access to the most advanced technological tools in the commercial real estate market to assist you in strategic decision-making.

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