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Strategic Acquisition : Land Banking on Rue Saint-Martin in Laval

The city of Laval, renowned for its controlled urban development and growing economic appeal, has been the scene of a major real estate transaction linked to the concept of land banking. A major piece of land on the prestigious Rue Saint-Martin recently changed hands, opening up new prospects for the future development of the region.

How do you Build and Develop in Remote and Rural Areas?

Marie-Pierre D’Anjou and Dave Madore are contractors for construction and real estate projects in remote areas. Together, they run successful, complementary businesses, focusing on quality, safety and authenticity. Their success is based on a solid team, a clear vision and a determination to overcome challenges.

Market Insights | Multifamily

Thierry Samlal, Executive Vice President, Capital Markets PMML, presents the statistics for the month of November 2023 for the multi-residential market in the province of Quebec.