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Monthly Statistics | Industrial , November 2023

For the province of Quebec, the industrial real estate market recorded a quarterly variation of -4% in terms of the number of transactions. On the other hand, the sales volume has experienced a remarkable increase of 6%, reaching a significant volume of $3.6B.

As for light industrial buildings, there has been no significant change in terms of sales volume, which remains at $1.4B (trailing twelve months). Moreover, there has been a decrease in the number of transactions, from 471 to 431. Nevertheless, the price per square foot has increased by 3%, despite a consistent sales volume and fewer transactions. This suggests that the light industrial properties traded on the market are smaller in size.

On the other hand, for the heavy industrial , there is a 6% increase in sales volume, accompanied by a slight decrease in price per square foot. It has decreased from $143 to $141, representing a 1% decrease. As for the number of transactions, there were 146 cumulative transactions for Q3-2023, compared to 141 for Q4-2023, which represents a negative variation of 4%.

For the warehouse category, there is a positive velocity and increasing appreciation. The number of transactions has slightly increased by 1%, while the sales volume has experienced a significant increase of 13%. In addition, the price per square foot has reached $150, compared to $144 in the previous quarter.

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