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Sylvain Lévesque | Lapointe de l’immobilier with Samuel Lapointe

Discover captivating stories, winning strategies and innovative ideas to enrich your real estate and entrepreneurial journey, whether you are a beginner or seasoned. Move towards your goals with this invaluable source of knowledge.

Sylvain Lévesque and Samuel Lapointe explore real estate financing and investment strategies. The purchase of new real estate offers a potential profitability of 20%. Participants review 5- or 10-year loan options and debt coverage ratio. The assumption of a mortgage is put forward to obtain advantageous loans. Low interest rates are advocated, with preferences for long-term loans. Anticipatory rate setting is discussed, with warnings about equity fluctuations. The financing of student residences and rooming houses via CMHC is discussed with its conditions and restrictions. In sum, this discussion reveals the importance of wisely choosing financing to optimize real estate investments, taking into account interest rates and specific opportunities.